Q1:In addition to being used on bearings, what else can bearing bushes be used for?

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A:The bearing bush is the contact part of the sliding bearing and the shaft. It is very smooth and is generally made of wear-resistant materials such as bronze and anti-friction alloy. In special cases, it can be made of wood, plastic or rubber. Also called “bush bushing”, it is shaped like a tile-shaped semi-cylindrical surface.
Used in engines, ships, and some heavy-duty machines, it acts as a support and fixation almost like a bearing.

Q2:What is the function of milling a groove shape in the middle of the bottom surface of the bearing seat

A:The middle milling of the bottom surface of the bearing seat into a groove shape is generally to reduce the area of the mating surface between the bearing seat and the body, and reduce the influence of the shape error of the bottom surface on the fit.

Q3:What is the effect of vulcanization on the surface of bearing rings?

A:After ion sulfurization, a FeS film layer is formed on the metal surface. FeS acts as a dry film lubricating film to reduce friction. It is often used on surfaces with mutual sliding, and it also has a certain anti-rust effect.

Q4:How does the thrust bearing realize the thrust effect?

A:Through the transmission of force, the axial force on the shaft is finally transmitted to the box wall. The rolling elements play the role of reducing friction and transmitting pressure.