Basic Reasons Affecting Surface Polishing Finish

The grinding method can make the mold surface smooth, and the degree of smoothness is related to the following factors: ①. The quality of tool steel ②. Heat treatment process ③. Polishing technology and process equipment It is generally believed that polishing process equipment is the most important influencing factor. Appropriate polishing technology and process equipment combined with high-quality tool steel and correct heat treatment process can achieve satisfactory smoothness. On the contrary, even if the best quality steel is used, it will not achieve a highly mirrored effect.

TIMKEN Bearing Materials Should Have The Following Properties

The property of preventing adhesion and boundary lubrication when the shaft and the bearing are in direct contact. The material factors that affect the friction compatibility of the friction pair are: (1) The metallurgical difficulty of the pair materials to form an alloy. (2) The affinity between the material and the lubricant. (3) The friction coefficient of the pair materials in the unlubricated state. (4) The microstructure of the material. (5) The thermal conductivity of the material. (6) The size of the material surface energy and the characteristics of the oxide film.

Bearing Cage Types, Functions And Damage Causes

Bearing cage (also known as bearing retainer) refers to a bearing part that partially wraps all or part of the rolling elements and moves with them, isolating the rolling elements, and usually guiding the rolling elements and keeping them in the bearing.

Preparation Work Before Installation And Adjustment Of FAG High Temperature Bearings

The high-temperature bearing shaft support system requires both high rigidity and as light a mass as possible. To overcome this contradiction, measures such as reducing surface roughness and improving surface strengthening can be taken to improve support rigidity, and hollow shafts can be used to reduce system mass.

There Are Several Things To Pay Attention To When Installing And Replacing IKO Thrust Ball Bearings

When the IKO bearing rotates, the raceway surfaces of the inner and outer rings of the thrust ball bearing are in rolling contact with the rolling elements, so the running track is dark. It is not abnormal for the running track to be attached to the raceway surface. From this, the load conditions can be known. Therefore, when disassembling the bearing, please pay close attention and observe the running track of the raceway surface.