Metal Base Fitting Type Solid Self-Draining Bearing

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Installation Of High Speed Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Metal-based solid self-lubricating bearing (abbreviated as JDB) is a new kind of metal-based self-lubricating bearing with unique characteristics of a metal bearing. Features such as high resistance to shock, resistance to high temperature, strong self-lubricating ability, etc., especially suitable for heavy load, low speed, rebound or movement, etc., when the oil film forms a lubricating oil film, it is not suitable for water immersion and acid immersion. Japanese printing. No long-lasting oil and power, and its working life is longer than ordinary sliding wheels. The products at hand are currently on the production line for metallurgical machinery, machinery equipment, Caoshan machinery, ships, engines, water wheels, casting machines and equipment.

1.Due to special production requirements, there are certain factors associated with the factory enterprise that are under-resourced. Due to the heavy equipment, high ambient temperature, large dust and acidic corrosive gases in the air such as CO, SO2, etc., many problems have arisen, such as friction and abrasion, self-draining composite material research for fitting type, existing material composition and manufacturing process. Prominent own characteristics, material performance has reached the international advanced level, so that the enterprise can solve the problems of special engineering, and also bring about clear social benefits.

2.Key technical principle: The self-repellent composite material is a new type of anti-compression solid lubricating material, composed of a metal base material and a solid lubricant paste in the hole or tank with the embedded base material. The metal sole bears most of the load during the friction process. Friction, friction surface displacement or reversal toward the solid lubricant in the hole or tank, good slip formed on the friction surface, solid adhesion and evenly covering the solid displacement film, greatly reduced friction wear. Frictional progress, intrusive solid lubricant constantly provided on the friction surface, ensuring long-term running against friction and good lubrication.