Q1:What is the function of the shaft of the centrifugal pump? What kinds of thrust bearings are there in the centrifugal pump? What materials are generally used for the bearing bushes?

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Metal Base Fitting Type Solid Self-Draining Bearing

A:The role of the pump shaft is to support the impeller and other rotating parts, drive the impeller to rotate at a high speed at a certain working position and transmit the driving power. The shaft of the centrifugal pump rotates at a certain speed when it is working, and bears a large bending moment and torque. The shaft should have sufficient strength and geometric precision to minimize the adverse effect on the sealing performance and minimize the risk of wear and abrasion. There are two types of thrust bearings in centrifugal pumps: rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Among them, rolling bearings include one-way thrust ball bearings, two-way thrust ball bearings, thrust short cylindrical roller bearings, thrust tapered roller bearings, etc. Angular contact bearings can also bear axial loads. Thrust sliding bearings include solid, single-ring, hollow, multi-ring and other fixed thrust bearings and tiltable sector thrust bearings. The materials used for the bearing lining are cast iron, Babbitt alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, ceramic metal and non-metallic materials.

Q2:What is the function of the liquid oxygen pump motor bearing heater?

A:The function of the bearing heater is to heat the inner ring of the bearing, and use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction to increase the size of the inner hole, which is convenient for bearing installation, reduces damage to the bearing during installation, and improves the stability and life of the bearing.

Q3:What is the role of rolling bearing pressure clearance?

A:Improve bearing capacity, prolong bearing service life, etc.

Generally, there will be a gap after the rolling bearing is processed and assembled. In general, this gap will lead to a significant decrease in the bearing capacity and service life of the bearing. Therefore, a certain pre-tightening force will be added to reduce the gap when the rolling bearing is designed and used.

Q4:Deep groove ball bearing grinding process


Grinding the outer ring:

  1. Grinding both ends, double-end surface grinder or vertical axis round table surface grinder;
  2. Coarse grinding outer diameter, centerless grinder;
  3. Fine grinding outer diameter, centerless grinder;
  4. Grinding the groove of the outer ring (referred to as grinding the groove), a fully automatic groove grinder;
  5. Super-finishing outer groove, automatic outer groove super-finishing machine;
  6. Grinding outer diameter, centerless grinder.

Grinding the inner ring:

  1. Grinding both ends, double-end surface grinder or vertical axis round table surface grinder;
  2. Grinding the outer diameter of the inner ring, centerless grinder (this process can also be omitted);
  3. Grinding inner ring groove (referred to as grinding inner groove), fully automatic inner groove grinding machine;
  4. Grinding inner diameter, automatic internal grinding machine;
  5. Super-finishing inner groove, fully automatic inner groove super-finishing machine.